SEEN'S personalized video technology

Higher conversion, engagement and more time spent with brand.

SEEN isn’t just another personalization tool. Our team will provide award-winning personalization expertise, helping your brand gain attention and engagement.



Drive unparalleled loyalty and engagement through data-driven video.

  • Access to SEEN's technology

  • Implementation & Onboarding

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Strategy & personalization guidance



Leverage the full benefits of data-driven video in the customer journey.

  • Creative ideation & feedback

  • Access to SEEN frameworks

  • Region support

  • Custom SLAs & compliance

Higher conversion

Time spent with brand

Higher engagement







SEEN will keep your films live for 30 days by default.


API access

A constant stream of dataflow from your system to ours, using our API, allowing instant video generation and distribution.


Distribution via e-mail, SMS, in-app or any other channels you prefer. *SMS cost is priced separately.

Dashboard & Statistics

Detailed statistics for your campaign via a dashboard. Statistics include view count, historical performance data, clicks, emails opened, social media shares and more.

Custom subdomain

We integrate our platform seamlessly with your domain. Example: *2 hours of setup included.

Dynamic landing pages

Unique landing pages including basic profiling like logo, colors, font and text are dynamically generated and personalised to each receiver.

Personalized thumbnails

Personalised video thumbnails that are useable via our API but also in our distribution channels.

API Callback

Callbacks with customised payloads enabling you to take full control of video distribution.

Region support

Support for high-speed global accessibility of your personalized videos.



Export results

Export your statistical data to .csv after campaign completion.

Referral capabilities

Enable your original receivers to refer their friends by sending a personalized video.

Whitelist / Blacklist

Add custom rules to control what data-points can be used in your personalized videos.

SEEN Frameworks

Providing you the building-blocks you need to effectively launch a data-driven video campaign.

SSL certificates

Integrating your custom SSL certificate with our platform.

Amended SLAs

Amendments of our standardized agreement.

  • Localized landing pages

    Need to create local versions of your landing pages or make custom adjustments? Our product delivery team can help you adjust, or extend, your campaigns' landing pages.

  • Additional use-cases

    Want to go beyond the single use-case included, adding more personalized videos? No problem! We offer additional use-cases as an add-on to both the Essential and Enterprise plans.

  • Additional receivers

    Seamlessly scale your personalized video campaign to suit your needs. Whether it's ten thousand or ten million additional receivers – we've got you covered!

Configure as you go

Flexibly adjust your plan to suit the number of receivers, use-cases or localizations you need.

Build videos around your customers’…

First Name


Last Purchase




Birth Date

Purchasing History

And more

First Name


Last Purchase




Birth Date

Purchasing History

And more

How It Works: Turning Data into Video

01 / 03

Collect trigger and personalisation points based on your CRM data

You design a personalised video around 2, 3, or more data points. We collect the data from your CRM and build trigger and personalisation points around them.

02 / 03

Weave data and video seamlessly in the cloud

We seamlessly combine your data points and footage to create each of your personalised videos.

03 / 03

Automated, real-time distribution at scale

We send each of your customers their unique video — tailored to them, based on their data — automatically, in real-time, at any scale.

A personalized video thumbnail

Get personal with each of your customers

Design, create, and send cinema-quality videos — at scale — using SEEN’s video personalization platform.

Request your demo video

Common Questions

  • What is data driven video?

    A data driven video (sometimes also called personalized video) is a video that seamlessly merges receiver data with a pre-defined video.

    To see examples of data driven videos, head over to our case studies page where you can find out both how industries has made use of the technology, and what results can be expected.

  • How does it work?

    We use the data from your CRM/database and merge it seamlessly with a video. We do this by defining data points in your video where we change content based on the data.

  • How long does it take for a full delivery? And what does it require from us?

    Delivery time depends on the complexity of the project. We have had turn-arounds of just a few days, but we average 2-4 weeks. To get a better understanding of timelines, contact us.

  • How does the name personalization work, and how does data merge with the video?

    Names are personalized based on your list of receivers (pre-existing database). Data is merged with video using our cloud platform. We carefully pre-select parts of the video that are to be dynamic, and we personalise those dynamic parts with data directly from your CRM/database.

  • What datapoints can we use in the video?

    Only creativity limits the possibilities. We can use and act on a wide range of datapoints. Everything from your membership level, to your most recent purchase and name can be used in very unique ways to create data-driven, personalized videos.

  • How do we send customer data to SEEN?

    Data is either sent directly to your workspace in our platform via API or through a one-time drop of a spreadsheet file.

    Full API-documentation

  • What does it cost?

    Contact us to get a better understanding of how our pricing model works.

  • What possibilities exist for personalization besides name?

    There are countless personalization possibilities to make a data driven video. Your best bet is to speak to one of our amazing advisors.
    If you are looking for inspiration, be sure to check out the examples of data driven videos on our case-studies page.

  • Can the videos be integrated in-app?

    Yes! You control where your videos are integrated, and this includes in app. Our videos are easily embedded anywhere on the web.

  • Who produces the video?

    You can use your own agency or in-house resources, or one of our trusted partners. We are completely agnostic when it comes to who produces the content, as long as it follows our production guidelines.

  • What are your security routines?

    We adhere strictly to all GDPR principles and have stringent routines for all data handling. All our servers and equipment are encrypted and located within the EU.

    For more information on how we handle our customers' data, see our Data Protection Agreement, and Terms & Conditions.

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