Boosting bookings in the leisure and travel industry with data-driven video personalization

Personalized video strategies are travel’s next big leap to captivating and converting their audience

Personalize your customer journey using data-driven video

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74% of customers prefer tailored messaging. Harness personalized video marketing in travel to tailor your messaging, amplify customer experiences, boost bookings, and triple conversions.

Taking off with the right strategy, personalization can skyrocket your booking rates and leave your competition lost in the travel dust. Yet, not all businesses in the leisure and travel industry are fully utilizing the power of personalization, giving those that do a significant head start on the journey to success.

To inspire brand loyalty, increase lead conversion, and stand out from the competition, businesses are exploring a pioneering way to do data-driven personalization ─ video. If you’re not exactly sure what personalized video is, find out here what it is and how it can help your business.

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Businesses in the leisure and travel industry can use data-driven personalized videos to talk to customers in a one-on-one approach, at scale. Dive into the article to find out how!

What does the digital customer expect from your brand?

Keeping up with the digital customer is becoming increasingly difficult. In the digital space, where your customer for the smallest of inconveniences can just as easily shift from you to the competition, you need to do more than just deliver a great service. This is where personalization comes in.

Customers don’t just want your service, they want to feel connected with and seen by your brand. More than 70% of customers expect personalization, and 76% of customers admit that personalized messaging from brands makes them more likely to consider a brand. In fact, the psychological impact of hearing your name can increase ROI by 2.3 X. Learn why our brains are naturally wired to respond to our names.

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Businesses in the travel and leisure space - hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and more - often rely on video content to deliver their brand messaging. Video content has the power to visually transport viewers to destinations, evoke emotions, and create a sense of connection. Since you’re already investing in video as a communication tool, why not elevate its impact by making it more personal?

Where does video content fit in data-driven personalization?

Attractive, effective, and easy to digest. That’s why 86% of businesses use video content as a marketing tool. It’s one of the best types of content to attract new customers, with 69% of customers preferring to learn about a brand through video.

A pioneering MarTech trend is raising the bar for video content through data-driven personalized videos. This new data-driven experience combines one of the most effective marketing strategies (personalization) and one of the highest consumed types of content (video), to talk to each of your customers on an individual level.

Personalized video is proving to be more effective than generic video. Unique video experiences tailored to each receiver outperform generic videos and deliver +3 times higher conversions and +7 times higher engagement.

Data-driven personalized videos work by letting you use specific customer data points — that you generally can obtain from your CRM system or a similar database —  and replacing them in the video. When crafting the video you can use data points like name, age, gender, interest, purchase history, and other information that you have on the client. MarTech solutions allow you to automate the replacement of the data points in the video, empowering you to create and distribute personalized videos simultaneously to as many individuals as you’d like.

Does data-driven video personalization find application in the travel and leisure industry?

If the idea of using data-driven videos for your business appeals to you, you are not alone. Businesses in the leisure and travel industry are already successfully using personalized videos to communicate with clients.

An inspiring example of using data-driven personalization in video is that of Ving. They used personalized videos to communicate a strong offer to their previous customers, adding oomph to their campaign. The result was an 88% engagement rate.

Regardless of your business type in the travel and leisure space — hotel, airline, travel agency, ticket booking software, or else — you can create and launch personalized video campaigns that will trigger and hook your customer to your brand.

Want to experience Personalized Video?

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What type of Travel & Leisure videos can you personalize?

Depending on where your potential traveler is in their customer journey, different video types can be tailored to resonate deeply. Although far from an exhaustive list, here are 8 quick ideas to get you started:

1. Destination Highlight Videos

For those in the awareness stage, these videos can showcase the beauty and allure of various travel destinations, through personalized tourism videos.

2. Adventure and Activity Explainers

For travelers in the interest stage, personalized videos can be used to specifically call individuals on wild adventures depicting specific activities like snorkeling, cliff diving, surfing, backpacking, or paragliding, offering a taste of what awaits.

3. Influencer Collaboration Videos

Collaborate with travel influencers to act in your personalized videos, sending tailored messages to recipients. These authentic experiences and insights, delivered directly from trusted figures, resonate powerfully with customers in both the interest and decision stages.

4. Traveler Testimonials

Real video stories from real travelers can provide powerful social proof for those in the decision stage. These personalized videos emphasize genuine experiences.

5. Exclusive Offers and Deals

For those ready to take action, videos highlighting special packages, VIP programs, or unique experiences can be the final nudge they need. Think of personalized videos for special offers on flights, or similar dangling carrots.

6. Onboarding and Itinerary Walkthroughs

Once a traveler has completed the booking, these personalized videos can guide them individually through their upcoming journey, ensuring they’re well-prepared and excited.

7. Festival and Event Videos

Tourism companies can use personalized videos to spotlight summer music, film, and cultural festivals, enticing travelers to choose the places where the events are taking place as their vacation destination. By tailoring video content to individual interests, events such as festivals can become a must-do experience.

8. Event and Cause Support Videos

Align with causes or events that resonate with your travel brand to foster deeper connections. For example, you could send personalized videos that inform recipients by name that an amount of earnings from their travel booking will go to a noble cause.

Key Takeaways

Through data-driven videos, you can strengthen any part of the customer journey. When crafted with creativity and genuine value, these videos can captivate, inform, and inspire your audience of travelers like never before.

Combining insightful creativity with a valuable message from your brand is sure to leave a lasting impression with your customers, and make them more likely to engage with your content. After all, it’s harder to ignore a message when it’s about you.

🔑 Personalization is key to inspiring brand loyalty, creating meaningful connections with customers, and staying ahead of the competition.

🎥 Fully automated MarTech solutions now empower you to create personalized videos for your customers using your CRM data.

🎯 Based on your goal, you can create different personalized videos to target clients in a specific stage of your sales funnel.

🚀 You can employ fully automated solutions to distribute and mass-deliver 100% unique videos to each customer.

With personalized videos, you strengthen any part of a customer journey and significantly increase the engagement of your digital customer.

Did this spark your excitement to use personalized video campaigns for your product or service? Get in touch to find out how to use video personalization for your business.

August 9, 2023

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