Introducing personalized video for retailers

Whether you’re looking to make more sales, increase customer engagement, or revamp your marketing strategy to set yourself apart from the competition, personalized videos are there to give you a push in the right direction.

Our retail clients use personalized video to develop data-driven strategies tailored to specific customer’s needs, leaving them with a memorable and unique experience.

From showing your audience you understand them better to converting leads and boosting sales, personalized video marketing in the retail industry has the potential to transform your marketing approach for the better.

Why personalized videos are essential for retail marketing

Customer retention, conversion, and loyalty. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They are what keep you in business and help you grow. However, it's not enough to simply have a lot of customers; you want those customers to be loyal and happy with their experience with your company. The best way to achieve this goal is through creating a seamless customer experience that goes beyond just making purchases online or in-store.

Stats show that 93% of businesses that personalize videos see a conversion increase, and 90% of customers find personalized videos interesting and engaging. With many ways to get creative in interactions with customers, it’s highly important for any retailer to create a great customer experience ー that is highly personalized.

Personalized video marketing takes the concept of personalization a step further, using data and analytics to create videos that are specifically designed to appeal to the target audience. This can include everything from customizing the messaging and branding to using targeted calls to action and other marketing tactics to increase engagement and conversions. There's a lot that you can do with personalized video. Sounds complicated, but at its core, it is simply a video that has been customized to meet the needs and preferences of a specific individual or audience.

If you think it’s hard to use personalized videos in retail, think again. Learn how personalized video works by first reading What is personalized video?

A woman in a suit with a laptop, demonstrating retail personalized video in action

Personalized marketing is the process of optimizing customer experiences and interactions by utilizing data-driven insights into customer behavior and preferences. This practice allows businesses to send content that is most relevant and interesting to the customer, making them more likely to engage and purchase from the business.

Whether you're a small retail business or a big enterprise, by leveraging data-driven strategies to create videos customized to each customer's needs and interests, retailers can engage customers in a meaningful way to create exceptional experiences that lead to lasting loyalty. Through personalized videos, retailers can foster stronger customer relationships, build trust, and drive up sales and brand loyalty. In fact, personalization is the reason why 63% of customers claim to stay loyal to a brand.

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Personalized videos provide customers with experiences that are meaningful and engaging and ultimately lead to better customer experiences - something that every retailer strives to provide. So, if you're looking to transform your retail marketing and build lasting relationships with your customers, start with personalized video.

Painting the personalized video picture 

Personalized videos have become a buzzword in the retail industry, and chances are, you've come across a few yourself. Video personalization in and of itself is different. But for the purpose of this article, let's give you a picture of what personalized video technology is.

Customer data is the key ingredient in making personalized videos. A personalized video includes at least one data point from your consumers. Here’s an example of data points you can use in retail:

  • Customer's Name
  • Product Preferences
  • Purchase History
  • Location
  • Shopping Behavior
  • Special Occasions (e.g., birthdays or anniversaries)
  • Customer Feedback
  • And more

With this data in hand, you craft a video where at least one element incorporates these data points. For instance, imagine sending a personalized video to a customer that addresses them by name, showcases products they're likely to be interested in based on past purchases, and highlights promotions specific to their location.

What's remarkable is that even minor personalization efforts can yield substantial benefits and significantly enhance the performance of your marketing videos.

Benefits of personalized videos

When you personalize the content of your video, the viewers will be more engaged with what they see and hear, leading to increased conversions and sales. Personalized videos are one of the most powerful tools that retailers can use to improve customer engagement and transform their retail marketing strategies. Utilizing customer data to create personalized videos allows for highly tailored experiences that cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach.

The more personalized your video is, the more likely it is to resonate with your customers on an emotional level and build trust in your brand or product line. This can lead them to become repeat customers who are loyal not only because they like what they bought but also because they love how well their needs were met by being treated like an individual rather than just another face in line at checkout. Through personalized videos, retailers can create a great customer experience and deliver a more meaningful message that resonates with their customers.

Customers value this level of service and appreciate when a business takes the time to customize their messages. Having a data-driven customer experience strategy and delivering personalized videos is a surefire way to drive customer satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and create a positive customer experience. It is essential to recognize the importance of customer experience in the retail industry and take advantage of the opportunities personalized video provides to enhance the customer journey.

Improved customer engagement

Video is a powerful medium for engaging customers. It's also the most effective way to get their attention, as it has been shown that people are more likely to watch a video than read any other type of content. Videos can be shared across social media platforms, which allows you to reach new audiences and build your brand recognition. Today 82% of all internet traffic is generated by video, and video grabs the attention of people 55% more than any other type of content. Stats suggest that the average user retains 95% of the message if it comes from a video.

Personalized videos allow customers to have a great customer experience as they interact with your brand. This offers customers a chance to have a deep connection with your product or service and drives customer satisfaction. Through this approach, you can create a positive customer journey, one step at a time. This is why customer experience management and customer experience strategies need to be taken seriously. With a good customer experience, customers will be more likely to purchase your products or services and know that they are well taken care of.

Personalized video can be used as a powerful tool to create customer experiences your customers will love. Use data-driven strategies and personalized videos to improve customer engagement and boost your retail marketing.

Enhanced brand image

Customers are more likely to remember personalized videos than non-personalized ones; this means that companies should consider incorporating this strategy into their business model if they want people to remember them! Personalized videos help enhance a brand's image. By creating customized videos for their customers, they can ensure a great customer experience and make sure service satisfaction is at its highest. Videos can be used for customer experience management, as part of a customer experience strategy, or in a personalized video campaign to engage your target audience.

Customer experience statistics show that personalized videos can have a significant effect on your business — customers who feel seen and heard are more likely to leave positive feedback and be more satisfied with their experience.

Targeted messaging

Personalized videos give you the power to target customers and ensure that each customer has an experience tailored for them. These videos allow companies to create extremely effective marketing campaigns that help companies meet customer expectations and increase conversions. In fact, 49% of buyers have purchased a product they did not intend to buy simply because they received a personalized recommendation from a brand. Personalized video marketing involves using technology and analytics to create content that is specific to each customer and their needs. Through the use of data, retail businesses can see how customers interact with their brand and create content for each customer that provides them with an enjoyable and tailored experience. 

By understanding the definition of customer experience, companies can ensure that they’re providing customers with a good customer experience, which in turn creates better customer satisfaction and builds loyalty. Personalized videos are a great way for brands to make sure they’re connecting with new customers and gaining their loyalty while also getting feedback from existing customers and using it to improve their service. Investing in personalized video marketing can greatly enhance a company’s retail marketing initiatives and help them create a customer experience strategy that keeps customers coming back.

Seamless customer experience

Through the use of data, retail businesses can see how customers interact with their brand and create content for each customer that provides them with an enjoyable and tailored experience. By understanding the definition of customer experience, companies can ensure that they’re providing customers with a good customer experience, which in turn creates better customer satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Personalized marketing is a great way for brands to make sure they’re connecting with new customers and gaining their loyalty while also getting feedback from existing customers and using it to improve their service.

Investing in personalized video marketing can greatly enhance a company’s retail marketing initiatives and help them create a customer experience strategy that keeps customers coming back.

Building momentum with personalized videos

Personalized videos offer benefits that extend beyond metrics. They can create a "snowball effect" that builds momentum for your retail brand. Here's how:

  • Data Empowerment: Personalized videos require data collection and consolidation. This process provides a comprehensive understanding of your customers and enhances outreach across all channels.
  • Viral Potential: Each personalized video has the potential to turn its recipient into a brand advocate who shares the video with their network. This amplifies your brand's message and encourages more customers to create their own personalized videos.
  • Long-Term Gains: After the campaign concludes, you retain the valuable data and marketing consent obtained from recipients. This enables ongoing engagement and provides a head start for future marketing initiatives.

How to use personalized videos for retail marketing

Leverage video campaigns to draw in potential customers, and help to create a positive experience. Effective video campaigns can offer an interactive and engaging way to success a successful customer engagement. Utilizing data-driven strategies is the first step in creating personalized sales videos that offer a quality customer experience that’s tailored to each customer's needs.

By leveraging multichannel strategies to understand the entire customer journey, you can reach customers across different devices and create loyalty to your brand. Conduct surveys to gain greater insight into the customer experience, as well as customer perceptions and the level of satisfaction regarding your product or services. It’s important to design compelling content that’s appropriate for the sales process, along with customer service engagement that offers a good customer experience.

Use videos for ecommerce to create personalization, and give customers a sense of being known, understood, and appreciated. Customer care and customer engagement strategies should also be personalized and adapted from customer feedback based on CX stats. Through effective video marketing, you can improve customer loyalty and the overall customer experience, as well as positively impact your brand loyalty.

A woman shopping online using her laptp

Utilize data-driven strategies

By leveraging data, retailers can make more informed decisions about their customers and the products they offer. This type of information will also help retailers improve customer experience by providing them with a more personalized shopping experience that meets their needs.

Taking advantage of analytics is another way to use data-driven strategies in your business. By analyzing past trends and patterns in your sales numbers, you can predict future purchases by customers based on their previous behavior (or lack thereof).

Design compelling content

When you're creating content, make sure that it's relevant to your audience. If they're in the market for a new car, and you show them how great your dealership is, then they'll be turned off.

You also want to make sure that the content is engaging and compelling enough for people to stay on the page long enough for them to read what you have written there.

Leverage multi-channel strategies to deliver personalized videos

Utilize various channels to reach your target market, ensuring you can connect with them wherever they are, thereby enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

Prioritizing the channels most relevant to your audience and their preferences, whether it's email, social media, or text messages (SMS), is paramount. By aligning with your audience's favored channels, you can effectively deliver personalized videos that captivate their attention and establish lasting connections.

Track KPIs

Measuring the success of your personalized marketing campaigns can be done by tracking key metrics such as email open rate, click-through rate, customer churn, customer lifetime value, and revenue generated. These metrics can provide insights into the effectiveness of your strategy and allow you to make adjustments as needed.

Woman purchasing through phone, exemplifying exceptional e-commerce customer experience, showcasing brands with good customer experiences

Examples of successful personalized video campaigns in retail

Real-life successes have shown how personalized video content can help increase customer engagement and satisfaction, as well as potential new customers. Companies that focus on understanding the customer's previous experiences and frustrations can not only succeed but create a great customer experience.

ICA - Personalized loyalty video

As one of the largest and most respected food retailers in Sweden, ICA has long been known for its successful and creative advertising campaigns. In 2022, they decided to explore the potential of data-driven, personalized video as an innovative way to engage with their customers and provide them with custom messaging.

To make their message unique to each individual customer, ICA called upon historical data from their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Through this endeavor, they were able to create 2 million individualized films for customers, each tailored to directly review their shopping habits and savings.

Ahlsell - Personalized onboarding

Ahlsell, a company with 240 stores and over 6,000 employees, designed a data-driven personalized onboarding campaign to ensure that each consumer had a perfect start with their products and services. Their effort to boost customer experience was well-received, reaching 92% net reach and a frequency of 5.

Mspa - Loyalty and onboarding

Mspa, through their personalized onboarding film, also achieved great success in their customer engagement. Their video content was well-received, providing an overall positive customer experience and reinforcing the commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer needs and overall customer experience have always been at the heart of good CX strategies among different industries.

Tips for creating the best personalized videos

Personalization is a top business priority, as it is essential for e-commerce companies and other digital customer experience companies. It is important to understand that personalizing video can surprise customers and help create a positive connection. Poor customer experience can lead to customer churn, so being strategic about creating personalized videos is always a good idea. When planning to create personalized video, it is important to tell a story, feature real people, and use advanced video editing tools. Sadly, if planning and objectives are not clear during the video creation process, it can lead to low-quality videos.

Quality is always essential when it comes to customers and their perceptions of a business. Customers are also less likely to stay with a business if they have experienced bad customer experiences as a result of their encounters with a company.

  • Tell a Story
  • Feature Real People
  • Utilize Advanced Video Editing Tools

Avoid Mistakes like:

  • Lack of Planning
  • Undefined Objectives
  • Low-Quality Videos

Customer experience is the result of the multiple interactions between a customer and a business. Spot purchasing or one-time deals are not able to build a strong connection between the customer and the company. This is why creating the best personalized videos is so important. The content must be engaging and relevant so that customers feel an emotional connection to the story being told. Surveys can also be used to gain insights on how customers are experiencing a company's products and services.

In conclusion, creating the best personal videos offers customers an unforgettable experience. This strategy will help to limit bad customer experiences and build customer loyalty.

A woman browsing for clothes in a fashion retail store

Key takeaways

Personalized video in retail is a rapidly growing trend, and creating high-quality video emails is essential to ensuring customer loyalty and top ROI for your business.

📹 Personalized videos in retail marketing boost customer engagement and brand image.

🎯 Tailored content using customer data leads to higher conversions.

🤝 Understanding customer preferences and data-driven insights enhance the customer journey.

❄️ Snowball Effect: Personalized videos empower data-driven marketing, encourage sharing, and provide long-term benefits for your retail brand.

😊 Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty result from personalized video strategies.

📊 Measuring success through key performance indicators refines marketing strategies.

🚀 Personalized video email is a growing trend with significant potential for retail businesses.

By utilizing data-driven insights into your customer’s behavior and preferences, you can create highly personalized content that is tailored to each individual customer.

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