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Welcome to Ahlsell

Ahlsell's Personalized Onboarding Campaign: A perfect start for new customers.

A brief overview of Ahlsell and their collaboration with SEEN

Ahlsell, the Nordic region's market leader in distributing installation products, tools, and supplies to professional customers, collaborated with SEEN to develop a captivating onboarding using data-driven, personalized video technology. This campaign welcomes new customers by name and showcases how Ahlsell can help them work more efficiently.

Campaign goals

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws new customers into Ahlsell stores. Develop a tailored onboarding campaign featuring personalized video content to capture new patrons' interest and immerse them in the unique Ahlsell experience.

A reinforced commitment to customer experience

As the leading distributor of installation products, tools, and machines in the Nordics, Ahlsell provides professional users with an extensive range of products and related services. With 240 stores and over 6,000 employees, the company aims to deliver the best customer experience and offer solutions to professionals across various industries.

Ahlsell sought to develop a unique campaign that communicates their core value of always being there for their customers.

Personalized Video Solution with SEEN

With the help of SEEN, Ahlsell was able to initiate their customer journey with a personalized video for new customers. The film starts with two Ahlsell staff members preparing to onboard a new customer, then takes a fun twist.

Featuring enticing dialogue that highlights the customer's name and showcasing an Ahlsell store's interior, the video invites customers to visit while offering a glimpse of the products and store preparation for an exceptional buying experience. The viewer feels welcomed and assured that Ahlsell is committed to fulfilling their needs, making professional tasks easier. Moreover, the video introduces the helpful and motivated Ahlsell staff, always ready to assist and inspire customers.

Implementing the Personalized Video

After the video production was completed, SEEN set out to implement the underlying logic that would personalize each video for its individual recipient.

Using their MarTech platform, designed for personalized communication throughout the customer journey, SEEN delivered a fully automated solution for the ongoing creation and distribution of Ahlsell's videos, automatically generating and distributing the personalised onboarding experience from the very moment that a new customer signed up with Ahlsell.

SEEN's technology merged the base-video with data-points like the recipient's full name, company, and industry, ensuring that each video was truly tailored to the recipient. Ahlsell used SEEN's API to request onboarding videos for new customers, while SEEN managed film distribution via personalized landing pages. Each recipient was delivered a bespoke landing page featuring their own onboarding video and strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons guiding them to key conversion points on Ahlsell's website.

Impressive Results and Engagement Metrics

Ahlsell's partnership with SEEN has enabled a customized onboarding campaign for each new customer, utilizing personalized video technology. The impressive results to date include:

  • A remarkable 53% click-through rate
  • 78% of those who clicked proceeded to watch the entire video
  • The engaging, lighthearted content led to 49% of recipients exploring more content on Ahlsell's website

These metrics show that customers are more responsive to video content than other media formats, underscoring the importance of delivering a personalized brand experience.