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At the time of writing Ahlsell’s onboarding campaign had delivered a click-through-rate of 53%. Of the customers that clicked through, 78% watched their video.

Ahlsell is the market leader in distribution of installation products, tools, and supplies to professional customers in the Nordic region. 

Ahlsell turned to SEEN to create a fun campaign that used personalised video technology to welcome each new customer and introduce them to the Ahlsell brand. With SEEN, they created a short video welcoming new customers by name and showing how Ahlsell can provide everything they need to help them do their job more efficiently. 

Goal: Convey a welcoming and inviting feeling to new customers, and entice them to visit Ahlsell stores. Create a personalised onboarding campaign for new customers, engaging them through video content. 

Challenge: Ahlsell is the leading distributor of installation products, tools, and machines in the Nordics. The company’s exceptional customer offering gives professional users access to a comprehensive range of products and related services. 

With 240 stores and just over 6,000 employees, Ahlsell goes above and beyond to meet customer needs, empowering them every day with the right solutions and tools they need for their profession. Ahlsell wanted to create a unique campaign to convey the company’s main value of always being there to provide the best customer experience and offer solutions to professionals across industries. 

Solution: Together with SEEN, Ahlsell created a personalised video for new customers, to be distributed via email/sms and shown on landing pages. 

The film opens with two Ahlsell staff members preparing to onboard a new customer, and then the video quickly takes a fun turn. With enticing dialogue that emphasizes the name of the customer, and footage showing the inside of an Ahlsell store, the video not only invites the customer to come to Ahlsell, but also gives a sneak peek of the products and the preparation the Ahlsell goes through to make its stores ready for a remarkable buyer experience. Besides feeling welcome, the viewer ends up with the feeling that Ahlsell is there to fulfill their buyer needs, making their daily tasks as professionals easier. On top of that, the video shows the helpful and motivated Ahlsell staff, who are always ready to provide both assistance and inspiration to their customers.

Once the video production was ready, the video was personalised for each recipient by SEEN. SEEN’s MarTech is designed for personalised communication throughout the entire customer journey and provides a fully automated platform that allows customers to create and execute personalised video campaigns with ease. The software enables automatic video personalisation based on customer data, at any scale. Using SEEN’s technology, Ahlsell’s films were tailored to each customer with personalisation data like recipient’s full name, company and industry, so they could be as effective as possible when reaching out to each specific audience member. Ahlsell made use of SEEN’s API to send new customers the onboarding video, while SEEN managed the film distribution through landing pages. 

Each landing page was personalised for its own unique recipient, and besides the onboarding film, the landing page also included CTA buttons that sent the customers to key conversions at the Ahlsell website. 

Results: In order to better onboard new customers, Ahlsell engaged SEEN’s technology to create a personalised campaign for each new customer. The results were astounding! The campaign had an impressive 53% click-through rate, and of the customers that clicked, 78% of them continued to watch the film. With the lighthearted and engaging nature of the campaign, there was an additional 49% of recipients that clicked through and continued to engage with the content on Ahlsell’s website. This goes to show that customers are more willing to engage with a video as compared to other media 一 and it shows how much people love getting a personalised experience from brands!

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