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Most impressive results

Survey results showed that 85% of respondents had a favourable or very favourable view of ICA's personalized year in review video.


ICA, the largest food retailer in Sweden, is renowned for their creative and long-running advertising campaigns. In 2022, they decided to explore the potential of personalized, data-driven video as a new tool for customer communication and engagement.

Summarizing the past year with data-driven, personalized film

As part of their year-end summary for members of their loyalty club "Stammis", ICA created a unique film featuring actor Björn Kjellman in his role as ICA-Stig. The film personalized the shopping habits and savings of each customer, using data directly from ICA's CRM system.

In total roughly 2 million unique films were sent out, featuring the following data-points: 

  • First name
  • 3 most frequently visited stores
  • Amount of products bought in three different categories, either in units or in weight
  • 3 most purchased products
  • Amount awarded by being a member 

By employing this strategy, ICA was able to provide a unique and engaging experience for their customers, while also showcasing the potential of data-driven video as an attention-driver. It's a tactic that other companies can consider as they look to enhance their own communication and customer journey.

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If you haven't already - we highly recommend that you check out ICA's video to see all of the creative personalizations for yourself. You'll find an example with english personalizations and subtitles embedded at the top of this page.

Campaign results

ICA conducted a survey among its members, which received 22,000 responses. Results showed that 85% of respondents had a favourable or very favourable view of the communication. Of those respondents, three out of four gave the highest possible score.

Here are some snippets of the positive feedback ICA received in the surveys and in Social Media:

"I appreciated the personal address. I spend a lot of time and money shopping at ICA, so it's nice that they also spend time and money on me."
"Well done with a targeted film with content based on my activity."
"Fun film that gives the sense of a personal greeting sent directly from ICA-Stig to me."
"So Ica does it again, this stammis-film impresses me. My name, my stores, my products - wow 😍"
"@ICASVERIGE You are the best!!! Damn what a wonderful stammis "Unwrapped" film I got in the inbox today 😍😍"
"Incredibly fun marketing from Ica! Ica wrapped for 2022. Sent to selected members! A little unreal that ICA-stig knows my name."

Screenshots from ICA's personalized year in review film:

Ica-stig greets loyalty club member Jeff personally
Ica-Stig shows loyalty club member's most visited stores
Ica-Stig shows how much fruits & vegetables you bought last year
Ica-Stig personaally presents how much you saved as a loyalty club member in 2022

ICA Wrapped 2023

One year after the original film, ICA revisited the concept and released ICA Wrapped 2023 – a new take on the original film, highlighting individual shoppers' habits in 2023.

About ICA

ICA is one of the Nordic region's largest grocery retailers. The ICA group includes 1,954 wholly or merchant-owned stores and pharmacies.

Nina Tarukoski

Nina Tarukoski

Senior Brand and Market manager, ICA

We are impressed by the results, the level of engagement and appreciation this campaign delivered among our stammisar, core customers. The team at SEEN is really professional and great to collaborate with.

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