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Engaging Circle K's loyalty club members

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Announcing "Koppen" 2024

In late 2023, Circle K launched a unique personalization initiative as part of its annual "Koppen" campaign, aimed at rewarding its most loyal customers.

Traditionally, this campaign offers a free coffee cup to customers who meet a specific fuel purchase threshold. This time around, customers would receive not only the cup – but also a custom video, made just for them.

Circle K worked together with SEEN to create a personalized video for top customers, narrated by a well-known radio personality. A variant of this personalized video was also crafted for those not qualifying for the free coffee cup, encouraging them to purchase it instead.

Circle K’s Personalized video

The campaign's centerpiece was a cinematic personalized video that matched the production value of a brand TVC. It featured a greeting from a celebrity radio voice, who would dedicate a song to each individual recipient. To deepen the personal touch, the video also included the recipient's name on various items and their favorite Circle K station.

By personalizing both the audio and visuals Circle K was able to create a more intimate and engaging customer experience.


The initiative was met with enthusiasm, both from customers and the European franchise at large. Notably, the personalized videos achieved a click-through rate (CTR) of over 42% among Circle K's top customers. In contrast, the sales-driven variant of the video saw a CTR of 13%.

Additionally, the campaign contributed to a notable shift towards sustainability, with the percentage of customers opting to reuse their coffee cup from the previous year rising from 7% to 12%. 

Circle K successfully leveraged the campaign content across various platforms, including radio and social media, amplifying its reach and impact.

Screenshots from the Film

A personalized coffee cup, reading Kevin, from Circle K's personalized video campaign.
The name Kevin written on a foggy window, from Circle K's personalized video campaign.
Kevin spelled out in a fireworks show, video frame from Circle K's personalized video campaign.

About Circle K

Circle K operates 456 energy stations in Norway, 259 of which are manned stations that offer fuel, car wash, coffee and food.

About Circle K EXTRA

EXTRA is Circle K’s loyalty program that provides discounts and offers to its members. Membership enables members to access personal discounts and offers.

Inger Cecilie Ballestad

CRM and Loyalty Manager, Circle K

Personalized video is such an engaging and charming way to say thank you to our best customers. It turned out to be a quite reasonable market investment as we were able to reuse the video materials in several marketing channels. Thanks to SEEN for being such a professional partner from the very start of the project and all the way through production and launch!