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A personalized book launch

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Boosting the sales of Lars Mytting’s latest book

Ahead of the launch of Lars Mytting’s latest book “Skråpånatta”, ARK was looking for a creative way to build engagement, attention and ultimately increase the pre-orders and orders of this third, and finally book of Mytting's well received trilogy.

ARK’s Personalized video

In a personalized video starring the author himself, receivers were greeted by name - and introduced to the latest and final addition to the Hekne trilogy.

Receivers of the personalized video were segmented into separate audiences based on several data-points. The initial audience consisted of readers/purchasers of the two first books in the trilogy, and was followed by wider audiences that had indicated interest.


The campaign delivered a substantial increase across the entire interaction journey. In the initial audience email open-rate increased by 64% vs Ark’s previous benchmarks. While that is impressive in itself, the click-through rate is where the personalized approach really hit the mark: CTR increased by 641% vs the benchmark.

Across all audiences, 50% ended up watching their personalized video an average of 1.7 times, and ARK saw their pre-order & order revenue estimates exceeded by a wide margin.

Screenshots from the film

A package from ARK Bokhandel, personalzied to Nina Nordmann
Author Lars Mytting, presenting his latest book Skråpånatta in a Personalized Video

About ARK 

ARK Bokhandel is Norway’s largest book-retailer, in addition to a webshop with millions of products they have over 150+ physical stores across Norway.

About the book Skråpånatta

Skråpånatta is an epic novel about a rural community and a Norway on the brink of war, about the passage of generations and betrayal, and an aging priest caught in the prophecy of his own death. A new generation in Hekne has inherited the obsessions of their ancestors, and senses that the warnings of the Hekne tapestry will soon be fulfilled, among them the warning about Skråpånatta, the doomsday night which, according to ancient rural belief, will be the known world's last day.

As of the publication of this article "Skråpånatta" had yet to be translated into English; however, the first two books in the Hekne trilogy, "The Bell in the Lake" and "The Reindeer Hunters," are available for English readers.

Gustav Eddy Larsen

Marketing Manager, ARK

The feedback from the customers was incredibly positive which was also reflected in our sales numbers.