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Most impressive results

Mspa's onboarding film delivered 92% net reach and a frequency of 5 – demonstrating how well it was received and how useful it was to the receivers.


Audience net reach



In this project for Mspa, market leading producer of inflatable spa-baths in Norway, SEEN helped create both joy and enthusiasm for customers.

Upon completing the order of one of Mspa's inflatable spa-baths a personalised film is generated for the customer. The delivery of the film is set up to coincide with when their order is shipped from Mspa.
The film includes practical information ranging from neccessary preparations & helpful tips to information about related and relevant items available for purchase in Mspa's online store.

The core objective of the activation is to increase loyalty over time by delivering a practical, positive and personalised onboarding experience.

Hugo Grimsrud

Hugo Grimsrud

Founder Mspa

I recommend both this technology and the people in the company. The total experience left me with no complaints. A highly professional team that understood my needs, the opportunities and which executed the project with excellence.

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