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Make everyone feel seen

about us

SEEN is the leading provider of data-driven video in the Nordics.

Our marketing technology provides fully automated solutions that significantly increase the engagement of your digital customer & employee journeys through unique video experiences tailored to each receiver.


PVM House founded by Ronald Griffin, Øyvind Kvamme-Vik, John Rowley, and Anthony Harrison

Oslo office established.

Successfully onboarded and deployed MVP versions of the technology to multiple Norwegian customers.

4000 personalised videos created in one year

Storm Communications and new partners join, and new rights are issued. Changes name to Storm 121.

Kjell Martin Nerstad joins as CEO.

290000 personalised videos created

Aquired customers in Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, and Finland)

4.6m personalised videos created

Datum, Strawberry, Storm Communications & new partners join new rights issue. Changes name to SEEN.

Stockholm office established.

8.2m personalised videos created



Anthony Harrison

Director of Operations

Christopher Frankum

Senior Account Executive

Dennis Wall

Director of Customer Success

Hampus Flory

Senior Account Executive

Helle Throndsen

Account Executive

Leevi Pohjosmäki

Customer Success Manager

Mari Helsvig


Marius Tungesvik

Sales Enablement Director

Martin Hornburg

Sales Manager

Pablo Rosales

Account Executive

Paulini Paul

Customer Success Manager

Ronald Heyerdahl Griffin


Sigrid Hovig Ødegaardshaugen

Account Executive

Øyvind Kvamme-Vik

Business Innovation Director


Ansgar Bengtcen

Account Executive

Aurélien Defaux

Senior Account Executive

David Hedlund

Senior Account Executive

Jennifer Östberg

Account Executive

Joachim Medalen

Managing Director

John Söderlund

Account Executive

Karl Cavalli-Björkman

Business Enablement Director


Rahul Bathia

Sales Director, UK

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