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Through personalised videos, the Danish Heart Foundation recruited and onboarded motivated individuals to the cause of saving lives.

In their fight to raise awareness of heart health and saving lives, the Danish Heart Foundation wanted to launch a new campaign donating defibrillator packages. These packages will be donated to individuals willing to set up a network of good samaritans, to make their neighborhoods safer. They also wanted to propel other campaigns for fundraising, and volunteer recruitment. With SEEN they created unique personalised video campaigns with a foundation of kindness, empathy, and information. 

Through these personalised videos, the Danish Heart Foundation recruited and onboarded motivated individuals to help prepare them for emergency situations, CPR and defibrillation, or even for just being prepared to handle heart medical emergencies. 

Because of the unique nature of this campaign, we’re very excited to share this case study. Dive in to see how we've helped the Danish Heart Foundation push for medical heart care forward through one-on-one videos tailored to their specific campaign needs.

Goal: Create effective campaigns to recruit and onboard new members, gather donations, and give volunteers the opportunity to get a free defibrillator. Recruit and establish small networks and a safe spot that would contribute to making their neighborhood medically safer. 

Challenge: The Danish Heart Foundation, established in 1962, works for matters of the heart, literally. With knowledge, investment, and important results, they contribute to putting Denmark on the map with international top-level research into heart disease, while fighting for around 524,000 Danes who live with heart disease. 

In their intensified efforts to train Danes in life-saving first aid, the Danish Heart Foundation is increasing the number of defibrillators in open spaces, in an attempt to give every person with heart disease the opportunity to easily seek and access help, support, and advice. As part of this effort, they were looking to create campaigns that would effectively help them with their cause, and that’s when they turned to SEEN. 

Solution: SEEN created a suite of personalised videos using data-driven video technology. The films exist in 6 different scenarios, allowing for recruitment, onboarding, and referral functionality for different tiers of donors. The campaign tugs at the heartstrings of each recipient, stirring emotion and deep empathy. It also informs and imprints the importance of receiving paramount help in case of cardiac arrest. 

The video opens with the name of the recipient, while the recipient’s name also appears visually on the speaker’s shirt. The name of the recipient is also mentioned several times throughout the video to keep the attention of the viewer. The video reminds each recipient that life is short and unexpected. “When the heart stops, you only have a 5% chance of survival without help.” After providing valuable information, the video concludes by emphasizing that defibrillators add more security to any community, and with swift action, you can save your own, or your neighbor’s life. The last part of the video is the call to action to invite the viewer to start their group. 

Each recipient that starts creating a group will also receive a personalised “Thank You” video they can share on Facebook. For those that get onboarded successfully, they’ll receive the defibrillator package has a total value of DKK 25,000, while at the same time they have the honor and proud responsibility of making their neighborhoods safer.

Results: As a result of our efforts, the Danish Heart Foundation for medical heart care has seen an increase in the number of leads they received—as well as an increase in registrations and onboardings within their organization. 

Emergency medical care or CPR combined with the assistance of defibrillators can save lives, providing fast assistance in case of emergencies. The campaign got people started in creating a support system and made them feel the importance of knowing what they should do in an emergency and how to prepare for it — which is exactly what the Danish Heart Foundation needs! 

This unique campaign adds to the importance of personalised video as the best way to connect and encourage action through emotion.

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