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30% conversion rate from video to newsletter subscription (vs 2% conversion rate in a previous website campaign)

Goal: Thank new customers for shopping at Eplehuset, while at the same time informing them of the broad range of services offered by Eplehuset, as well as inviting them to sign up to the newsletter, thereby ensuring consent for digital communication.  

Challenge: Getting consent from clients for digital communication had become a challenge in the wake of the GDPR-regulation. Eplehuset was looking for a tech-forward solution to ensure client consent and wanted something different than a loyalty program. They also wanted to tell clients about Eplehuset’s values, their broad range of products and services, and last but not least – show that everyone at Eplehuset is genuinely excited when clients decide to shop there. 

Solution: SEEN created a personalised video where Eplehuset’s CEO sincerely and excitedly thanks the client for their business, addressing the client by their first name. The video’s background is the shop the client just visited – another personal touch. The video then moves on to show Eplehuset’s broad range of products and services, and encourages clients to sign up to the newsletter to get the latest tips and offers. For this last part, a landing page with the client’s email address appears. The video ends with the CEO welcoming the client back to Eplehuset , showing all their locations across Norway. 
The video is sent by SMS to all new clients after their first visit to Eplehuset. 

Results: SEEN delivered a campaign video that Eplehuset can use over and over, which is exactly what they were after. This campaign also shows Eplehuset’s employees that their employer is tech forward and knows how to use digital communication in a cool and innovative way.  The most impressive result of this campaign is undoubtedly the conversion rate: 30% of the clients that watch their video sign up to the newsletter. In previous website-based campaigns, the conversion rate had been only about 2%. It’s pretty clear that SEEN’s personalised videos spark a unique interest for the newsletter in clients.  

Marius Brevik

Marius Brevik

CMO, Eplehuset

We are very happy with the solution offered by SEEN. Eplehuset aims to give our clients digital excitement, and we feel this video really delivers this to our new clients.

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