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This campaign not only increased new sign ups, but also rekindled the connection with existing supporters.


In the world of football, fan engagement isn't just a buzzword. It's the heart and soul of the game. In an era where social media rules, how does a football team like Rosenborg BK keep its fans at the edge of their seats, eyes sparkling with anticipation? The answer was right there, waiting to be discovered - Personalized Video.

The big idea: Rosenborg BK and SEEN

Rosenborg BK is more than just a name in Norwegian football. It's a legacy. It's Champions League nights that fans never forget. It's a collective spirit that can move mountains. But Rosenborg also knew that their fans were craving something more - a personal connection. And so, the hunt for the perfect solution began. Enter SEEN - the game-changer in fan engagement strategies.

Personalized fan engagement

The task wasn't just about reaching out to fans. It was about making each fan feel seen, appreciated, and an integral part of the team's journey. Rosenborg wanted to recreate its golden age, but they knew they couldn't do it without their fans rallying behind them.

SEEN’s answer: When technology meets emotion

SEEN rose to the occasion, deploying its state-of-the-art video technology to create something special for Rosenborg's fans - personalized videos. Each video was a heartfelt narration of Rosenborg's past and future, but with a twist. It addressed each fan individually by their name, creating a deep, emotional connection. This wasn't just about technology, but a perfect blend of data analytics and human touch.

Fan recruitment: A community effort

A standout feature of our campaign was the built-in referral functionality. After watching their personalized video, each fan was given the opportunity to share this unique experience with others. By filling out a simple form, they could prompt the creation of another personalized video, designed for a friend or family member who also supported RBK.

This meant each recruited fan received their own highly personalized video, creating a memorable, individual experience and a stronger bond with the team. It also enabled existing fans to actively participate in rallying the community, amplifying their engagement.

This feature, and the wave of new supporters it led to, underscores the unique potential of personalized video technology. It's not just about creating engaging content, but also about fostering an actively involved fan community.

The payoff: A united fan base

The fans' response? Absolutely overwhelming. Each personalized video sparked a wave of excitement, rallying fans old and new, and uniting them towards a shared vision of the future. The engagement levels soared. Fans didn't just feel seen, they felt acknowledged, valued, and inspired to contribute to Rosenborg's journey.

The big picture: Harnessing the power of personalized video for fan engagement

Rosenborg BK's collaboration with SEEN marked a turning point in their fan engagement strategy. By using personalized videos, fans became more than spectators - they became active participants in Rosenborg's story. This case study isn't just about Rosenborg or SEEN, but a testament to the power of personalized video in transforming fan engagement.

Ready to explore how personalized video marketing can turn your fans into active participants? Get in touch with us! We're eager to share more about our work and how it can open up exciting possibilities for your team.

Pernille Sørlie

Pernille Sørlie

Audience Manager

Football supporters dedicate a lot of time, energy, and emotions to their club. By using SEEN’s technology, Rosenborg Ballklub was able to give each and every supporter a personal thank you for their support and engagement. In addition, data-driven video has been an extremely effective tool for us in reaching out to even more supporters, through recruitment from existing supporters. We are impressed with the results from the campaign, the collaboration with the team at SEEN and the reception it has received from our supporters.

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