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A personalised call to adventure

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Become a certified dragon tamer

Once upon a time, Hunderfossen Eventyrpark, the greatest fairytale family park, set on a quest that echoed kingdom-wide. To find the bravest dragon tamer, they needed the most powerful MarTech magic of the realm. That’s when Hunderfossen Eventyrpark turned to SEEN to help them with their plan. 

Together with SEEN, they launched a campaign, inviting dragon tamers one by one to immerse in their magic tale. Many a dragon tamer answered the call. After receiving a personalised video, how could they say no after all!

In a land far far away…in Norway

Hunderfossen Eventyrpark is the most magical adventure park, where you can go on adventures that take you through stories of trolls, dragons, and magical rides. The park was looking to find new adventurers and came up with the idea of using modern magic (MarTech) to generate leads through personalised video. 

Hunderfossen Eventyrpark and SEEN understand that nowadays, people want more than just a fun day at the theme park, they want an experience. A story they can share with their friends. So that’s what we created for them using Qvisten's animation: a digital immersive journey through a fantasy land filled with magical creatures, mystical places, and hidden wonders ー and when you’re done adventuring, you’ll want to do it all over again!

The campaign is designed to entice recipients to go from an animated story and dive into a real fairytale in the Hunderfossen adventure park.  Which is exactly what Hunderfossen Eventyrpark was hoping for!

Let the quest begin

Are you ready to dive into the world of adventure? Here’s how Hunderfossen Eventyrpark summoned the greatest dragon tamers through personalised video: 

1. Hunderfossen Eventyrpark collaborated with Qvisten to produce an animated video of the park, which invites the protagonist to dive into an immersive dragon taming experience. This beautiful character-driven animation combines storytelling and first-person dialogue, to create a uniquely immersive experience. The colourful video also shows key parts of Hunderfossen mirrored in real life. 

2. After receiving the video from Hunderfossen Eventyrpark and Qvisten, SEEN started working its magic. To unlock the power of personalisation, using its MarTech technology, SEEN customised the video for each individual recipient. The video, that invites the protagonist to dive into an immersive dragon taming experience, centers around the recipient’s data points including name, age, gender, and location. All the data personalisation is done automatically through SEEN’s data-driven MarTech platform. The personalised video makes you feel like you’re really there ー taking part in the adventure. 

3. Each video was then placed on a carefully designed landing page. On the landing page, after the dragon taming experience ends with a personalised dragon taming certificate, the protagonist is asked to share the adventure with a friend. The adventure continues as more friends receive a personalised video with their own adventure. 

4. Hunderfossen Eventyrpark is using paid and owned media to distribute the landing page SEEN has created where anyone can sign up and receive a personalised animated film.