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Personalizing the digital customer journey

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About Newbody Family

Newbody Family, founded on the principle that financial constraints shouldn't prevent children and teenagers from pursuing their dreams, supports community initiatives through exclusive fundraising opportunities. By selling high-quality products, Newbody Family aids school classes and sports teams in achieving their goals.

Challenge: The impersonal nature of digital sales

As Newbody Family transitioned to digital sales, they noticed a decline in per-customer revenue. Despite digital transactions making up 68% of total purchases, the lack of personal interaction began to erode the strong connection with customers, pivotal for sustaining loyalty and support.

Solution: Personalized connection through video

To bridge this gap, Newbody Family partnered with SEEN to create a personalized thank-you video. Utilizing customer-specific data such as names, supported groups/teams, and contribution amounts, they crafted videos that celebrated individual support. SEEN's technology enabled the distribution of these personalized messages at scale, blending digital convenience with a highly personal touch.


Newbody Family’s personalized video led to outstanding improvements vs. previous benchmarks:

  • Revenue: Increased by 82%
  • Transactions: Rose by 73%
  • Digital Storefront Traffic: Grew by 89%
  • Open Rate (OR): Improved to 60% from 43% in standard communications
  • Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR): Increased to 43% from 5% in standard communications

As a whole, this partnership illustrates the impact of personalized video in revitalizing customer relationships for the digital age. Through this addition to their digital customer journey, Newbody Family has a scalable method to sustain and deepen connections with each of their supporters.

Johanna Ahlén

Head of Commercial

Working together with our production company and SEEN on this project has gone really well; they have challenged our thinking and provided proactive suggestions on how to optimize the distribution to our recipients. We are looking into starting additional initiatives together to further improve the support feeling and digital customer journey for our customers.