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Most impressive results

59% of those that watched the film referred at least one friend.


Audience net reach


Identifying fans has great commercial value. Most teams communicate with fans through social media, but engagement through this channel is low - and the team does not own the contact information itself.

Owning data opens up a world of opportunities. One of these is the ability to engage fans on a regular basis using content they enjoy and appreciate. Another advantage is financial. It paves the way to create steady income flows with sponsors. This dual benefit makes data ownership a valuable asset.

SEEN and Manchester United: A case study

SEEN was asked to identify Manchester United fans in Scandinavia, and connect them to the local supporters club

Personalized Fan Engagement: Films from team legends to each fan

The first film was sent to already registered fans in Scandinavia. They were wowed by a personal message from club legends like Bryan Robson, Dennis Irwin and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In addition, they were asked if they could identify other fans in Scandinavia, to help build the best United community in the world. 

Identifying new fans

The action of identifying other fans was made easy. On the landing page of the film there was also a form where fans could fill in the name of another Manchester United friend. As soon as the fan pressed "Send", a new personalized film was generated for the friend, with the intention of registering interest and capturing marketing consent. The club made use of its existing fans and the power of social networks and word-of-mouth. 

Campaign results

59% of all recipients to date have named  a friend and sent them a recruitment film. This has led to thousands of new members and new connections for the club to grow.

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If you are interested to hear more about the moving parts in this campaign, or find out how your own Sports-team, or supporter club could benefit from personalized video marketing be sure to reach out to us, we’re happy to tell you more!

Bernt Hjørnevik

Bernt Hjørnevik


This campaign had a massive impact on our recruitment and we got thousands new members and warm contacts to nurture.

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