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Most impressive results

The personalised aftermovie, containing footage from the actual event, was sent out to recipients only days after the race and delivered a CTR of 57,2%.

If you are a Red Bull fan, you know that their brand is all about adventure and pushing the limits. In that spirit, they joined forces with SEEN to deliver a spectacular campaign, using SEEN’s video personalisation technology. 

The aim was to get as many people to sign up for Red Bull’s Janteloppet event as possible ー so the best way to go was the personalised approach. With SEEN they created a personalised video experience that was easily shareable with friends and family. 

Goal: Red Bull was looking for a new way to get people to sign up for their annual event, Janteloppet.

Challenge: Red Bull is the world’s most popular energy drink brand. Since their establishment, they have expanded their business model to the point where they find themselves playing a major role in numerous sports. Red Bull’s “Janteloppet” is a unique ski race that brings together skiers, ranging from elite to young talents, exercisers, all the way to Easter tourists, in side-by-side competition. Red Bull as a sponsor of Janteloppet, wanted to spice up the Easter season with this unique ski race to be held at Pellestova. To kick off a successful event, they needed a way to convince as many people as possible to sign up.

Solution: To create a successful campaign that would grab attention and invite people to sign up for Janteloppet, Red Bull turned to SEEN. Which enabled them to create a set of unique video experiences using data-driven personalisation.

The idea behind this campaign was to increase registrations for Janteloppet, by making it more appealing for people who might not otherwise see themselves signing up for a race like this one. The key to it was creating a film starring Petter Northug ー the Olympic gold-medal-winning Norwegian skier ー who is also the founder and prime mover of Janteloppet. In the film, Petter invites the recipient by name to join the event and shows how the event will be full of action and entertainment.

Using SEEN’s technology, the film was personalised for each recipient automatically, as an adventurous call to action. Each video was then placed on purposefully designed landing pages, where the recipients could see and download the film. Each recipient was also able to fill out the form on the landing page, thus requesting a personalised film from Petter Northug on behalf of a friend. We aimed to create something that would be easy for people to share with friends and family who don’t necessarily ski professionally but still wanted to get involved and join in on the fun. 

Red Bull distributed the landing pages across their available channels, along with a referral form so that anyone could send themselves or a friend a personalised film. After the event was successfully completed, Red Bull also sent each Janteloppet participant a personalised ‘aftermovie’. Besides the name of the recipient, personalisations in the film included voice, VFX, and achieved finish-time.  In the aftermovie, Red Bull made use of film footage from the actual event, to send to all participants of Janteloppet 2022. The goal is to thank them for their participation, but also get them to sign up for next year’s event. 

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