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2.3X higher ROI than linear, non-personalised video.

In times of crisis, swift support is imperative. That’s why SOS Children's Villages teamed up with SEEN to launch a personalised campaign with the goal of raising money to support the children and young people in Ukraine, who have been affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis. 

SOS Children's Villages aimed for a heartfelt campaign that would entice recipients to support the cause and feel compelled to donate. SEEN helped them do that through personalised video. The video was designed to transmit the sense of urgency and make the recipient feel the need to take action to help those affected in Ukraine, while showing how their donation will help the cause. 

Goal: Transmit the sense of urgency and the need to take action to aid children and young people in Ukraine. Create a campaign with a personal tone, that would entice the recipient to support and donate to the cause. 

Challenge: SOS Children's Villages is an international organization with 70 years of experience in working with children who have lost or are living with a high risk of losing care from their families. Amidst one of the largest humanitarian crises in Europe modern times, children are being affected the hardest. That’s why it was imperative for SOS Children's Villages to take action fast, to help the children and young people in Ukraine. Besides safe evacuation, shelter, and trauma treatment, donations gathered by SOS Children's Villages will serve to fill even more immediate needs like food and water. No help is too small, no aid comes too soon. With the enormous demand for support, SOS Children's Villages needed all hands on deck. 

Solution: With speed and simplicity, in a total of 15 working days, SEEN was able to create and deploy SOS Children's Villages' campaign. From the video-production to personalisation, everything was completed within the deadline as time was of the essence. With SEEN’s fully automated MarTech solution, SOS Children's Villages' videos were personalised for each recipient. The video featured a personalised greeting from SOS Children's Villages' leader of volunteers, Maren F. Werner, while it also explained what is happening in Ukraine and urged recipients to donate. Once production was completed, using SEEN’s technology, the greetings with each recipient’s name were replaced automatically in the video. 

The video’s thumbnail was also personalised with an image of the video’s speaker holding a card with the recipient’s name. So even before playing the video, the recipient would know that the video is personalised for them. The personalised videos were then placed in well-designed landing pages, where one of the actions the recipient can take is to donate directly from the landing page through Vipps. The videos were distributed by SOS Children's Villages themselves through Salesforce, who used this opportunity to A/B test personalised and non-personalized versions of the film. 

Results: Personalisation made the difference. In times of crisis, we feel the need to become the hero that makes a change. Through personalisation, SOS Children's Villages awakened the hero in each recipient, showing them how they can make a difference in Ukranian children’s lives. 

This campaign went live on the 29th of March. The results were nothing short of impressive. In comparison to non-personalised video, the personalised video generated a 2.3X higher ROI and garnered 70% more donations than the non-personalised version of the video. 

Personalisation was key to getting people to mobilise, simply by showing them what their donation could do ーand SEEN was proud to help make it happen!

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages

“SEEN’s video-technology enabled a personal tone, and really hit the mark. 70% of the donations received were attributed to personalised video, whilst the remaining 30% came from non-personalised video. You will not get a clearer conclusion from an A/B-test. The team at SEEN has been extremely service-minded and effective, and has gone the extra mile to get everything in order by the deadline”

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