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Shortly after launching the campaign SpareBank 1 Kreditt started receiving positive feedback from not only customers, but partners and the industry itself, indicating a successful project.

Engaging, inspiring, and informative. SpareBank 1 Kreditt partnered with SEEN to launch a new personalised onboarding campaign for SpareBank1 Kreditt’s credit card customers. This video campaign demonstrated to new customers how they can use their credit card responsibly, while increasing engagement and delighting their customers in the process.

Filled with engaging animation, and informative messaging, this personalised onboarding campaign proved very effective and widely received positive customer feedback. Spætt Film created an engaging and animated video that explained concepts such as credit utilization rate and payment reminders in a playful and informative way. SEEN was then able to personalise the video with each customer’s name and other data points, using its dynamic video platform.

Goal: Provide customers with relevant and useful information about the credit card they’ve ordered with SpareBank 1 Kreditt.

Challenge: Putting customers first is what SpareBank 1 Kreditt does best. For their onboarding campaign to new credit card customers, they wanted to provide a new and unique experience, while sharing valuable information that will help card holders manage their credit better. The SpareBank 1 Kreditt team knew that many customers could benefit from best practices of managing the card. And the team wanted to make sure their customers felt informed, confident and happy with their financial decisions.

Solution: SEEN created a personalised onboarding campaign featuring engaging animation and informative messaging for SpareBank 1 Kreditt’s customers. The animated video shows customers how they could use their credit wisely and provided helpful tips on how to befinancially responsible. Starting off with personalised name of the customer, the video quickly jumps into the benefits of the credit card and valuable information that the customers should know about service options. The video explains important elements like cashback options, how self-service works, and benefits of the card including travel and cancellation insurance, deductible insurance on car rentals, and adding extra protection when shopping online.

Besides the first name, the video also includes other variables like type of card and several types of voiceovers. The personalised videos were displayed in uniquely designed landingpages for SpareBank 1 Kreditt, and then shared via email. Sparebank 1 Kreditt used SEEN’s Enterprise plan to integrate with the platform and receive data in return to be able to distribute the videos themselves, adding more agility to the way they are delivering personalised campaigns.

SpareBank 1 Kreditt is among the first businesses in the finance industry to use personalisation in this way. The campaign was a hit, proving to be a very effective way to communicate with customers and garnering positive customer feedback. Through this personalised onboarding campaign, SpareBank 1 Kreditt was able to provide useful information to their customers in an engaging way. SEEN was proud to help them do just that!

Sparebank1 Kreditt

Sparebank1 Kreditt

We are very happy with the cooperation between SEEN and SpareBank1 Kreditt. SEEN is agile and a very competent gang. We give SEEN our warmest recommendations.

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