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Most impressive results

A 57% click-through rate, with over 8% of customers sharing their video on social media.

Boosting Customer Engagement from Booking to Boarding

VACAYA aimed to engage customers immediately after booking, enhancing excitement and connection for their cruises. They sought a cost-effective solution to build anticipation and encourage social sharing, leveraging the power of personalized content to make a memorable first impression.

In-House Personalized Welcome Videos

Implementing a personalized welcome video campaign, VACAYA used their in-house staff to create genuine and warm greetings that were sent to customers just seconds after booking. These videos not only welcomed customers aboard but also provided countdowns to their trips and specific cruise details, enriching the customer experience with a personal touch while maintaining budget efficiency.


The campaign was a success: it achieved a 57% click-through rate, with over 8% of customers sharing their video on social media. Video landing pages saw an average of 3.5 visits per guest, indicating strong engagement and interest.

Screenshots from the film

VACAYA representative announcing a new booking has been alerted. A screen shows "New booking alert! Richard", part of VACAYA's personalized video.
A VACAYA representative is pointing to a screen showing the destination of the trip, part of VACAYA's personalized video.
A coffee cup with the American flag on it, part of VACAYA's personalized video.


VACAYA offers Gay and LGBT+ Cruises across the world. VACAYA offers fun, easy vacations with customized itineraries, personalized service, tailored entertainment, welcoming activities, and friendly parties.

Randle Roper

Randle Roper


When VACAYA staffers meet clients face-to-face, they’ve “gushed” about the personalized video. That emotional connection is worth its weight in gold

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