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WWF relies on its supporters and donors to help them preserve animals and nature, and fight climate change. Inspired by WWF Norway which recently ran a similar campaign together with SEEN, WWF Sweden wanted to encourage their supporters to buy gift cards for friends and family. They wanted to make the process more personal, so they decided to try out SEEN’s personalised video technology as a gift card promotion alternative.

SEEN’s video technology is a powerful tool that helps businesses communicate in the most memorable way possible. Using SEEN’s technology, WWF Sweden gave their supporters an experience that can’t be easily forgotten. Each recipient got a video that was tailored to them, making them feel special and part of the fight for a living planet. This personalised campaign makes recipients feel like they can make a difference, and it differs from generic outreach. 

Goal: Urge supporters to join in and contribute to the fight for the planet by buying gift cards for their friends and family.  Create a tailored video campaign that would encourage supporters to buy gift cards, while making each gift card sender and recipient feel that they can make a difference. Encourage engagement, and make the communication stand out from the norm.

Challenge: WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature, was established in 1962. With more than 5 million supporters worldwide, they’re the world's leading non-profit nature conservation organization with projects in more than 100 countries. The organisation is completely independent, focused on environmental and nature conservation, and relies on donations from the public. That’s why it was important that the gift card campaign was a success. It would mean more funds that go into stopping the destruction of the earth's natural habitats and building a future where people live in harmony with nature.

They wanted to be creative while staying true to their values. With personalised video, each supporter will feel the impact they have on saving animals, nature, and the climate, while WWF Sweden saves the world in style.

Solution: WWF Sweden decided to try out SEEN’s personalised video technology as an alternative to traditional gift cards. The WWF Sweden team collaborated with production company Prolounge to create a number of videos suited for the WWF-brand. After the production was completed, the videos were configured for automatic personalisation using SEEN’s technology and API. 

On WWF’s own website, visitors are able to purchase a gift card for a loved one, choosing which of the WWF ambassadors Anders Lundin (the television host) or Annelie Pompe (adventurer and athlete) should be featured in the personalised video. The video exists in a total of 10 variations, and with 2 different readers, allowing each sender to pick a message tailored for both the occasion and the recipient. In addition to the video sent to receivers of a gift card, a video is also distributed to the person that purchased it. There is also a third variation, where both purchasers & recipients can send it along to friends and family as a recommendation/referral.

Besides choosing the key speaker of the video, the gift card buyer can request to personalise the main message as well by including phrases like: “You deserve it”, “To you, that already has everything”, “To you that loves nature & animals”. “You are fantastic”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy belated birthday”, “Happy mothers day”, “I want to celebrate you”, “I love you”, “World's best father”. With a variety of phrases available, this personalised campaign enables a gifting tailored for every occasion. Pretty neat right? WWF Sweden’s supporters can surprise a loved one with a tailor-made video greeting while helping animals and nature at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Results: By using SEEN’s video personalisation technology, WWF Sweden has been able to encourage gift card purchases in a way that’s creative and impactful. The campaign goes to show that personalised videos are more effective than generic content, and the results continue to prove it.

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