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NRK TV-aksjonen 2020

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A national event that turned digital due to COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in 2020, the fundraising for NRK's TV-Aksjonen in 2020 had to be conducted entirely online, as collectors were not allowed to go house-to-house as has been the custom since the fundraising event first started in 1974.

Thanking volunteers & contributors with a personalised film

To express their gratitude towards their volunteers, TV-Aksjonen and the hosting organisation World Wildlife Fund (WWF) used personalized videos. This innovative approach helped the charity achieve its goals, despite the difficult circumstances and limitations.

The video which is presented as a news-report featured the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, Actor Nicolai Cleve Broch and the general secratary of WWF in Norway. By adapting to the changing circumstances and implementing new strategies, TV-Aksjonen was able to make a impact and continue to raise funds for those in need.

Upwards of 90% of those that viewed their personalized film ended up sharing it on social media, resulting in an average frequency of 20.7. The success of NRK & WWF's data-driven campaign proves that with creativity, personalization and determination, even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome.

Screenshots from NRK & WWF's data-driven film

Erna Solberg being interviewed about a new collector that registred for TV-Aksjonen

People showing their support for Øyvind, a new collector for TV-Aksjonen

Actor Nicolai Cleve Broch walks out of a building with posters saying "Øyvind redder havet"

About NRK's TV-Aksjonen & WWF

TV-Aksjonen is an annual national Norwegian charity fundraising event that has been organized by the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK in partnership with selected organizations since 1974.
In 2020, the event went under the name "Et hav av muligheter" (An ocean of possiblities) - and the host World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was able to collect 239 million NOK to stop plastic littering in the worlds oceans.

SEEN has worked closely with NRK and the featured fundraising organisation in the past few years. We have also published another example of a personalized campaign, for the 2021 TV-aksjonen.


We really appreciate the partnership with SEEN. Their technology has been a key part of our campaign planning for the last few years.