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We use data-driven video to communicate with our top customers as part of the “Koppen 2024"-campaign. Data-driven video is very well suited to establish a feel good vibe.

Inger Cecilie Ballestad

CRM and Loyalty Manager

We are impressed by the results, the level of engagement and appreciation this campaign delivered among our stammisar, core customers. The team at SEEN is really professional and great to collaborate with.

Nina Tarukoski

Senior Brand and Market manager, ICA

A pleasure working with SEEN - your technology enable incredible results, and it is matched by your level of service. Thanks!

Martin Borgs

Director of Communications, Moderaterna

Sølvguttene x Julehilsen's main agenda was to increase perceived added value among customers of DNB. The unique technology from SEEN made this possible. With record numbers from the CRM department, personal written feedback from customers and finally the award for this year's cultural sponsor, we see the activity as very successful and as a result repeated it in 2021.

Christopher Frankum

Marketing Partnerships

This project initially appeared complex to complete, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy thanks to SEEN's technology and professionalism.

Claes Pellvik

Head of Communications

The campaign was very well received by our members and contributed to record high traffic to our pages! The collaboration with SEEN has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. We look forward to further cooperation!

Vibeke Trasti

Marketing Director Orginisation and Members

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